Lost Tales of Captain Ultimate: “Appetite for Destruction!”

Back in Captain Ultimate’s heyday, there was a writer named Richard Richardson who struggled to keep the myth of Captain Ultimate alive for the public after the hero disappeared. Volumes upon volumes of pulp stories and comics were the result of the reclusive writer’s long career, but many have been lost to time and indifference.

Until now!

We’re happy to report that we’ve uncovered a deluge of lost Richardson Captain Ultimate material that we want to share with YOU, our dear readers! Unearthed in Astounding Science-Fantasy #16 is a long lost pulp tale entitled “Appetite for Destruction,” one of the early prose renditions of the never-ending battle between Captain Ultimate and his arch nemesis, Doctor Destruction!


Cover by Taylor Stauft

So while you eagerly await Captain Ultimate #2 (out in a few weeks!), please feel free to download this free PDF of this exciting tale!

Download the Free PDF of “Captain Ultimate in ‘Appetite for Destruction!'” 

And tell your friends to check out Captain Ultimate on Comixology if they haven’t yet — what the heck are they waitin’ for?!

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