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The Ultimate Tattoo

For years I have been a big admirer of tattoos. I have always been fascinated by artwork and pictures (even made it a career) so it seemed right up my alley. I watched all the Miami-, New York- and London-Ink shows and was envious of friends with cool tattoos. So why did I remain inkless? Putting something permanent on your body, something that (in theory) will always stay there is not something you should decide lightly.

What if you regretted it later? What if it goes out of style? What if you’re marriage ends and you have a giant portrait of your wife on your back? And it doesn’t seem like my favourite football (soccer for you American heathens) team is going to win a championship any time soon. So what to do? I needed to know that what I put on my body would be something that had meaning and I would never regret. But I never figured out what that should be and so, to my own displeasure, I remained a blank canvas.

20140821_180435   20140821_180932

Until now…

Because ever since we started working on Captain Ultimate it felt like something special. An all-ages comic with a positive message and lots and lots of fun. A project I am extremely proud of. And that’s when I knew, I found my tattoo.

And so, two weeks ago I finally went ahead with it. Unbeknownst to almost everyone, I made an appointment and headed to the tattoo-shop. Even my Captain Ultimate collaborators Joey, Ben, Adam and Ed didn’t know until I was sitting in the chair and sent them a picture of my current whereabouts. Needless to say, they approved 😉


Now, two weeks later, the bloodbath that was my arm has healed and you can see the end result in all its moustachioed glory. And I couldn’t be happier. I am as proud of the tattoo as I am about the comic and know it will be a constant reminder of an amazing period of my life.

(you know, that guy that who draws all the pictures)

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Captain Ultimate #5 Cover Debut

Hey everyone! We know it’s been a while but issue #5 is on the way very soon! As a sign of good faith, we wanted to show off Boy’s amazing cover, our favorite one yet!

Captain Ultimate #5 Cover

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Captain Ultimate on The Comic Book Show Podcast!

Last week, the kind hosts of The Comic Book Show podcast had us on the show to talk about Captain Ultimate! We had a ton of fun and we dish some Ulti-secrets! Find out about the genesis of the character, what our plans are, and much more!

Listen to us talk Captain Ultimate on The Comic Book Show!

Also, be sure to subscribe to The Comic Book Show on iTunes!

Buy Captain Ultimate #1 on Comixology!

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More Captain Ultimate Shop Talk

It’s hard to believe, but there’s been even more talk about Captain Ultimate setting the interwebs aflame! We appreciate everyone’s continued support and wanted to share a couple of the new interviews and reviews with ya!

The Captain Ultimate team talked with Analog Addiction and Kabooooom about the series’ debut:

Analog Addiction:

AA: What makes Monkeybrain the suitable home for Captain Ultimate?

Joey: As far as we were concerned, it was the only home for Captain Ultimate. They were the first and only publisher we had planned on pitching it to. If they had said no, we would’ve just done it ourselves. Monkeybrain is the only place where we knew we’d have total freedom to do what we wanted. Luckily, it worked out!

Ben: We knew Captain Ultimate was going to be digital series and we knew nobody was doing digital comics better than Monkeybrain. It’s really the only place we ever considered.

Boy: I’m a big fan of Monkeybrain and their progressive approach so I was thrilled that they took Captain Ultimate in and feel that our book has found a great home there.


Will we be seeing more of the Super Revenging Society now that Captain Ultimate is back in town? Could Milo possibly be sitting in a side-kick role?

Joey: Both of those questions will be answered in issue #2! We loooooove the Super Revenging Society and whenever we talk we just keep coming up with more and more stories for them. We have big plans for those characters, so yes, you can expect more from them. Venus de Muscles in particular.

Ben: Venus de Muscles is my favorite character ever. Lots of her coming up.

Boy: I would certainly hope so. I love drawing those guys!

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Captain Ultimate #1 Page Progress

As you may know, there’s a whole lot that goes into making a comic book. From concept to script to pencils to inks to colors to letters to your eyeballs, the process is long and collaborative. But most of all: it’s the most rewarding thing on this planet or any other!

We thought it’d be fun to give you some insight to the progress of a page! From our script to final letters, here’s what creating the first page of Captain Ultimate #1 looks like:

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