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Savage Dragon #204: Milo & Ulti-mutt (Funnies)

In this weeks issue of Savage Dragon: another Milo & Ulti-mutt back-up comicstrip by Joey Esposito, Benjamin Bailey, Adam Pruett and Boy Akkerman!

The thought of actively contributing to a comic that we’ve all loved since childhood is still blowing our minds 🙂


Captain Ultimate #6 Preview

It’s Christmas in July! Find out the TRUE story of last Christmas as good ol’ Kris Kringle crash lands on Christmas Eve and turns to Captain Ultimate and Milo for help! Plus: Trouble in the Super Revenging Society?!

Buy Captain Ultimate #6 on Comixology!

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Captain Ultimate #5 Preview

It’s Show and Tell in Milo’s classroom, but thanks to the help of a dastardly sentient ninja alphabet, it qucikly turns into… “Show and Yell!”

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Captain Ultimate #5 Cover Debut

Hey everyone! We know it’s been a while but issue #5 is on the way very soon! As a sign of good faith, we wanted to show off Boy’s amazing cover, our favorite one yet!

Captain Ultimate #5 Cover

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Captain Ultimate #4 Preview

It’s the very first Captain Ultimate Spooktacular! Milo goes trick-or-treating to load up on some totally sweet candy, but the adventure is cut short when an evil punk rock band interrupts the festivities! What’s Captain Ultimate’s favorite kind of candy? Is punk dead? Find out in this action-packed Halloween issue!

Buy Captain Ultimate #4 on Comixology!

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