The Characters

Welcome to the world of Captain Ultimate! Check back after every issue to find out more about the latest totally awesome characters!


Captain UltimataeCAPTAIN ULTIMATE is the greatest hero the world has ever known! A professional wrestler-turned-superhero, Nick Mason was given the Ultimate Belt by a dying man from the future and became the world’s champion. He recently returned after years gone missing and continues to fight the good fight with the help of his trusted allies! Captain Ultimate’s history goes back decades, so who knows what kind of friends will be coming to assist in his fight for righteousness!


MiloMILO is a mild-mannered elementary school student with a love of comic books that discovered a hero of an age gone by called… you guessed it, Captain Ultimate!! When Milo stood up to the GROAM on the day it attacked his city, Captain Ultimate returned and Milo’s world got stuffed with a boatload of excitement (and explosions)!


ultimutt_crop_blogULTI-MUTT is Captain Ultimate’s faithful canine with jaws of steel, super strength, and the capability to deliver buckets of drool! He’s got a keen sense of smell for meatloaf and will stop at nothing to protect Milo and his family! He’s the cutest crimefighter around, but don’t let his stunning good looks fool you! He’s got what it takes to make the bad guys shiver in their boots.


Captain_Ultimate_01_GrimATHE GRIM AVENGER is the leader of the Super Revenging Society, a team of vigilantes ferociously dedicated to revenging society! Powered by his deep pockets and thus his hi-tech gear, the Grim Avenger is a skilled tactician and a headstrong leader. He could probably loosen up a bit (especially if you ask Rude Justice), but he’s got a dedicated vision that keeps the SRS on its path to revengeance.


Captain_Ultimate_01_BludBLÜD KNIGHT is, above all else, a total mystery. Always masked, Blüd Knight is a brooding presence within the Super Revenging Society. Despite his dark demeanor, he is the group’s greatest sleuth, often able to see the hidden layers of existence in a way that is foreign to the rest of the SRS. His immense intellect and Ninja training make him the most cautious member of the team, but perhaps also the most dangerous.


Captain_Ultimate_01_VenusVENUS DE MUSCLES is a former world champion boxer and mixed martial artist turned vigilante turned founding member of the Super Revenging Society! A total powerhouse and a student of the art of combat, Venus has honed her skills to master everything from Sanshou to Muay Thai to Savate to good ol’ fashioned brawlin’.


Captain_Ultimate_01_BROODDOCTOR BROOD WARRIOR is a mystic that lacks mysticism. Before joining the Super Revenging Society, he traveled the world collecting strange and mysterious trinkets to aid him in his battle against the dark forces. Which would be awesome, if he had any clue what he was doing. Luckily, he’s a fully licensed medical doctor too, so at least he’s got something to fall back on.


Captain_Ultimate_01_RudeRUDE JUSTICE ain’t your momma or your poppa’s superhero! This kid’s got ‘TUDE! Young and agile, Rude Justice is quick on his feet and even quicker to open his mouth. He’s a wicked sweet breakdancer with a black cord in Capoeira, so he kicks butt and looks swave doin’ it! He could stand to shut his yap every once in a while, but more often than not, his actions speak louder than his words!


Captain_Ultimate_01_GROAMGROAM is short for Giant Robot Octopus Alien Monster! Where he came from and why he attacked the city remains to be seen, but we’re pretty sure he probably just had a bad day. But what could’ve caused it?! Why didn’t he just go for a long walk and blow off some steam?! Why’d he have to be such a jerk about it?! We may never find out!


Captain_Ultimate_02_Cover_drdDR. DESTRUCTION is Captain Ultimate’s arch nemesis, both in super villainy and facial hair! Though the origin of his eerie green skin is a mystery, Dr. Destruction has plotted against Captain Ultimate for decades on end all the while trying to avoid the very thing that could bring about his own downfall… candy!!

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