The Creators

Benjamin BaileyBenjamin Bailey is a writer and storyteller with a passion for loud rock music, Ernest Hemingway, action movies, and Godzilla. He spent years living in van and playing rock n’ roll before finally settling down in the mountains with his beautiful wife and somewhat charming children. He firmly believes comic books can save the world.

You can follow him on Twitter at @616Earth.


Joey Esposito

Joey Esposito is the writer of Footprints, a monster murder mystery noir that he thinks you’d love. His comic book work has also appeared at Image Comics, Zenescope, and ShiftyLook. His self-published graphic novel Pawn Shop is out now. He lives in New England with his cat Reebo.

You can find him musing on Twitter at @JoeyEsposito, find more about his work at, or buy his comics on Comixology and at his online store.


BoykoeshWhat started out as a nice hobby quickly got out of hand. After some short stories in various Dutch anthologies, Boykoesh‘s first ongoing Dutch comic book series Captain Roffa was an instant success. Since then he has been breaking out of the borders of his beloved Holland with published work in several anthology comics in the States. When not drawing, Boykoesh likes to assault unsuspecting ducks and, like all Dutchmen, wear wooden clogs while picking tulips on his way to the windmill.

Find him on Twitter @NoMoreDucks, or visit his DeviantArt and website.


Ed RyzowskiEd Ryzowski was born, raised, and still lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba (that’s in Canada by the way).  Though to be honest, with each passing frigidly cold winter he finds it harder and harder to understand why he stays there.

He works full-time as a freelance colorist for various publishers.  Ed is constantly working to try and expand his skills in other creative areas (including caricature work, game design, and pole dancing) while at the same time trying not to further his ever expanding belt size (an unfortunate by-product of sitting in front of a computer 12 hours a day).

More information can be found at his rarely updated site:


Adam PruettAdam Pruett, a model D13 dodobot, sits atop his crystal tower and casts comic-bookery work down upon unsuspecting titles for Image, Antarctic Press, Pop Goes The Icon, Arcana, Northwest Press, Markosia, Ronin, and others. He’s also the backup feature coordinator for Savage Dragon and he sometimes writes and draws for the perpetually-late minicomix anthology series Gosh Is Dead. He exists in Portland.

Please make him not lonely on Twitter at @adamopruett. Quick!!!

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