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Captain Ultimate #4 On Sale Now!

Happy Halloween, everybody!

We had two releases in the month of October so that we could bring you this ultra-sweet Halloween Spooktacular featuring an evil punk rock band, Shakespeare, hot rods, and, of course, buckets and buckets of candy. Captain Ultimate #4 is on sale now on Comixology for only 99 cents! You can check out a preview of the issue here.

Buy Captain Ultimate #4


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Captain Ultimate #4 Preview

It’s the very first Captain Ultimate Spooktacular! Milo goes trick-or-treating to load up on some totally sweet candy, but the adventure is cut short when an evil punk rock band interrupts the festivities! What’s Captain Ultimate’s favorite kind of candy? Is punk dead? Find out in this action-packed Halloween issue!

Buy Captain Ultimate #4 on Comixology!

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Captain Ultimate #4 Available for Pre-Order

Good news, kiddos! Captain Ultimate is double-shipping in October! That’s right, we’ve got a very special Halloween Spooktacular prepared for you, just in time for All Hallows’ Eve! Hitting Comixology on October 30, Captain Ultimate #4 introduces the evil punk rock band The PumpKills as Milo, Ulti-Mutt, and Cap go on an insane trick-r-treating adventure!

You can pre-order the issue now for only 99 cents. Take a look at this awesome cover, complete with the uncolored version below!

Captain Ultimate #4 Cover

Captain Ultimate #4 Cover

And now sans colors:

Captain Ultimate #4 Cover

Captain Ultimate #4 Cover

Captain Ultimate #4 hits on October 30!

Pre-Order Captain Ultimate #4

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Captain Ultimate #3 On Sale Now!

At (not so) long last, the secret origin of Captain Ultimate! How did he get his powers? What did he do before he was the world’s greatest hero? All of it revealed in issue #3, now available on Comixology! You can also check out the preview for the issue here.

Buy Captain Ultimate #3


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Captain Ultimate #3 Preview

You’ve seen him in action, but where did the world’s greatest hero come from? For the first time anywhere: the SECRET ORIGIN of Captain Ultimate! An adventure that will take you to the end of time!

Buy Captain Ultimate #3 on Comixology!

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